Wednesday 28 October 2015

Smallest yet 120W PSU.

Following their recent appointment to distribute the EOS Power range of ultra-miniature, high efficiency power solutions Gresham Power Electronics, has launched the EOS WLP120 series of 120 watt power supplies.

Packaged in an impressively small 2 x 3 x 1.18 (30 mm) inch profile and delivering 16.94 Watts per cubic inch the WLP120 is currently the world’s smallest 120 Watt power supply.

The new 120 Watt Series is available in Medical and Commercial versions and offers market leading specifications including, output power of 120W with forced air and 100W with convection cooling, medical versions have a BF Rating and Class II Option, -40°C start-up, thermal shut down protection, standby power < 0.3 Watts, MTBF over 3 million hours.

“The WLP120 Series is the third addition to the ultra-small EOS low profile high efficiency series of products, following the WLP225 and WLP350 series, setting a benchmark for power density in the AC/DC power industry," says Dave Wellman, Sales Manager of Gresham Power Electronics. “All new product releases from the EOS Power WLP series feature the low profile, high power density design approach which has made the WLP series a world leader in their power segment. The EOS low profile high power density power solutions allow our customers shrink their applications without compromising on power or cost.”

• To support these new products ranges Gresham has launched a new website, featuring the wide range of new products now available to supply Medical, Industrial, LED Lighting and other markets.

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