Wednesday 21 October 2015

Screw-in test probe for cable harness testing.

The new P53/G from Peak Test Services is a series of screw-in threaded test probes designed for use in test modules for cable harness testing.

The new compact probe has a total length of only 25.2 mm inclusive of receptacle. It is designed for use at 2.54 mm centres, has a continuity resistance of 20 milliohms, and operates at currents up to 5 A. Full travel distance is 4.5 mm, working travel distance is 3.5 mm, and working travel spring force is 1.5 N.

Various head styles and diameters are available. Head styles include concave, headless chisel, headless dome, serrated and spear.

A receptacle is also available, along with the relevant screwing tools. The receptacle is fitted with a knurl to give better fixing inside the drilling and anti-twist protection.

The new probes are available in Britain and Ireland direct from Peak Test Services and via a range of appointed distributors worldwide.

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