Monday 19 October 2015

Cost effective and simple motion control.

Festo has added three new actuators to its Optimised Motion Series (OMS) of electrical positioning systems. These cost-effective and simple-to-use products have been designed to allow machine builders and system integrators to improve both motion control and their profit margins for solutions such as light assembly applications, baggage inspection systems and handling of liquids and specimen in the laboratory.

EPCO-G - guided EPCO electric cylinder
• The first new product is the guided EPCO electric cylinder – EPCO-G – which provides simple positioning with strokes of up to 400mm. With an integrated guide unit, EPCO-G can withstand high axial and radial loads which means it can be utilised in a wider selection of handling systems.

The cylinder is available in three sizes (16, 25 and 40), it can achieve speeds up to 500 mm/s and it provides high stiffness in a low weight system, giving high performance over a long service life. Furthermore, it has a life-time lubrication which means it is maintenance-free. Mounting and installation are also exceptionally easy meaning that engineers can save time and costs associated with set up and maintenance. The guide unit can also be ordered as a single unit for easy retrofitting to existing EPCO cylinders.

ERMO – electric rotary drive
• The second new addition to the OMS product family is the ERMO – an electric rotary drive that meets the same high performance criteria as Festo’s previous rotary drives but at a more attractive price. Ideal for compact process stations and pick and place applications due to its angle flexibility and rotation capabilities, the ERMO is easy to commission allowing machine builders to ‘plug and work’ instantly.

With a maximum angular velocity of 600°/sec, torque of 5 Nm and repetition accuracy of between ± 0.05° and ± 0.1°, the ERMO electric rotary drive can be used for a range of rotating, placing, turning and pivot drive handling systems.

“The large diameter of the bearing allows for high offset loads to be carried reliably, and centre thru’ holes allows cables and tubing to be added with ease. The ERMO has the same interface as a pneumatic rotary actuator, meaning all parts can be assembled seamlessly, saving both time and money for machine builders and engineers implementing new systems,” says Nigel Dawson, electric drives product manager at Festo.

EPCO combination with ERMO
• Finally, the ELGR linear belt drive axis is now available with a highly corrosion resistant chrome rod and bearing material, meaning it provides a reliable and robust solution in more arduous environments. The ELGR is an exceptionally cost-effective solution for feedforces upto 35kg and is available as a completely mounted sub assembly enabling machine builders to save time and costs with commissioning and set up. A cost effective motor package also comes as part of the axis, making this an ideal system for a wide variety of handling applications, where simple linear movements are required.

All products in the OMS product family can be easily mounted together to create a complete 2, 3 or 4 axis handling system which can be best adapted for each user’s individual requirements, enabling them to build efficient and reliable machines.

“These three OMS additions open up the market between pneumatic actuators and electric drives. Combining the simplicity of pneumatics with the quality performance of electric drives, engineers across many industries can enjoy a range of benefits. These products are all simple to commission, requiring no special software, and can be delivered together with one single part number, making the ordering and delivery process a simple one for all involved."

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