Friday 23 October 2015

Low power proportional valve.

ASCO Numatics, part of Emerson, has a new member in its already successful family of Sentronic proportional valves.

With power consumption rated at <4 watt, Sentronic LP is an energy efficient solution for a wide range of applications, including those in the food and beverage industry, packaging operations, bottle filling and leak testing, and automotive manufacturing operations.

Sentronic LP provides an economical solution for those customers with relatively simple technical requirements, while still maintaining the same high standards of efficiency and reliability associated with the entire ASCO Numatics product line. This new product offers a modular and compact footprint, and is very easy to set up, making it a logical alternative to the more complex control valves currently on the market. It is available in size DN4 (G 1/4) flange mount and inline versions, both of which use a 5-pin M12 connector, and consumes less than 4 watts of power, one of the best ratings in the industry.

Hysteresis is also low at less than 2 percent —while excellent linearity and repeatability levels are maintained. Up to 10 valves can be mounted on a single flange-style mounting plate (opt.), all with the same pressure supply. The product also offers advanced software capabilities with its intelligent DAS software and user definable, password protected control parameters.

Sentronic LP is an efficient, economical option for optimised pressure regulation across a broad range of applications. Despite its small size, it is rated at 470 NI/min flow, and has an adjustable pressure range from 0-3 bar, 0-6 bar or 0-10 bar. Predictable pressure is always delivered, even under demanding flow rates, extended duty cycles, long hold times, and complete loss of electrical power. Safety and high performance is assured with all ASCO Numatics products, and Sentronic LP is no exception.

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