Thursday 15 October 2015

Bulkhead-mounted industrial connector housing with self-closing cover.

Harting has added a new bulkhead mounted housing equipped with a hinged self-closing cover to its Han® B family of heavy-duty industrial connectors.

The hinged cover on the new housing automatically closes when the connector is removed, protecting the interior effectively from external influences. A special spring on the bearing pedestal presses the hinged cover against the housing with enough pressure to prevent water spray and dust from entering the interior.

The new housing is locked with the Han-Easy Lock® bracket which combines ease of use with a good sealing effect and low operational force. In an unplugged condition the new bulkhead mounted housing offers IP44 protection, but in the plugged condition, in combination with a suitable Han® B hood, it complies with the IP65 protection class.

The Han® B connector range, with its housings and inserts, covers the entire range of industrial requirements for professional connection technology. Along with the recently introduced Han® Snap Cap mechanism, Harting offers additional options for protecting electrically powered applications against external influences.

The application possibilities of the bulkhead mounted housing with hinged cover include wind turbines and wind energy systems, cranes and switchgear, trains and trams: any areas, in fact, where power connections are exposed to the effects of water spray and other adverse effects.

In all these applications, the Han® B bulkhead mounted housing ensures reliability of operation under extreme conditions. Users can choose from standard sizes ranging from 6B to 24B.

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