Wednesday 28 October 2015

Mobility in hazardous areas.

SolutionsPT has continued its proactive response to the growing trend towards mobility in manufacturing by partnering with the world’s leading manufacturer of mobile computing devices which are designed for use in hazardous areas, including tablets, smartphones and handheld computers.

SolutionsPT will resell and promote ecom’s range of ATEX Certified hazardous area equipment, which enable safe, reliable communications to hazardous area workers in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Offshore, Chemicals and Pharmaceutical industries. Thanks to ecom’s Tab-Ex Series, which include the World’s first Zone 1 certified tablet computer – the Tab-Ex 01, a wide range of application are now able to be used by engineers, operators and technicians in zoned hazardous areas around the world.

With a shift in work habits, the need to be efficient and a requirement to capture and analyse even more data – SolutonsPT has witnessed more businesses turning to Enterprise Mobility via the use of smart mobile devices and enterprise software solutions to perform business critical tasks. A recent survey found that 73% of manufacturing companies said that ‘mobility’ was a key priority for their businesses. This is can be traced to mobile solutions not only providing a more cost effective alternative to fixed terminals, but offering scalability, improved visibility of the production process and, crucially, access to real-time data.

Mike Lees, Product Manager from SolutionsPT, said: “Mobility is revolutionising manufacturing and businesses are increasingly designing mobility into new production strategies to deliver greater efficiency to production centres. However, it’s not as simple as applying the same devices used in commercial offices to the production environment. The potential cost and operational benefits of mobile computing technology in hazardous areas is particularly exciting and, over time, will radically re-shape the hazardous area computing market.
“Mobile deployment in hazardous areas requires a specialist partner, which is why we’ve chosen to work with ecom. They have over 25 years of experience making them experts in the field and have a highly robust product range, perfectly suited to the most testing conditions.”

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