Thursday 8 October 2015

High current relay.

IDEC Corporation has added the RL family of high current electromagnetic relays to its existing R relay product line. There are forty different variations of the RL relay to fit a wide variety of applications. The single-pole version can switch up to 30A, and the two-pole version can switch up to 25A. Both versions can handle a 3HP/277Vac load.

The RL was designed with the needs of the HVAC and energy management industries in mind, and is a particularly good fit in these demanding applications. Some specific application areas include switching of HVAC electric heating elements, HVAC ventilation and condenser fan motors, and commercial lighting.

Two mounting options are available, flange mount and DIN rail. Unlike most competing products, the DIN rail version of the RL clips right onto a DIN rail and does not require the purchase of a socket or adapter, which often costs as much as the relay. This makes the DIN rail version much less expensive than competing products, often half the price.

Screw or quick-connect tab terminals are available for both mounting options, facilitating quick and easy installation. Another feature facilitating quick installation is the horizontal orientation of the relay when mounted on a DIN rail. This provides easy access to the wiring terminals as it does not require a 90-degree bend in the wiring.

The RL has a wide 3 mm double break contact gap, which makes it ideal for breaking higher voltage loads, and for breaking loads with inductive kickback such as motors, small compressors, solenoids and commercial lighting. This wide contact gap also extends the life of the relay as loads are broken with reduced arcing, and it greatly reduces the chances of contact welding on overload switching.

Single and two-pole versions are available, along with a wide range of coil voltages including 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 24Vac, 110-120Vac and 220-240Vac. A clear plastic cover can be ordered for the screw termination relays to provide personnel protection.

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