Friday 17 October 2014

Industrial UA Modbus gateway!

The Matrikon Industrial UA Modbus Gateway has been released. It is housed in a small form factor gateway that provides secure, powerful and broad connectivity to access data from RTU’s, PLCs or any other devices that use the Mobus data protocol.

Matrikon Industrial UA Modbus Gateway is well suited for challenging situations that include:
• limited power availability in remote conditions
• remote or unmanned stations that need data collection
• limited space requiring a compact solution
• operation in extreme temperatures and/or dusty environments
As a native Modbus communicator, the UA Modbus Gateway can connect to any device that uses the standard Modbus protocol both over Serial or Ethernet connections on one side and makes it securely available to OPC UA clients on the other via OPC UA over Ethernet.

Unlike Modbus, OPC UA, the next generation of OPC - the de facto standard for open standards based data connectivity, offers all the features Modbus lacks such as: security, reliability, and data modelling.  The UA Modbus Gateway allows data sharing via UA as natural next step up from using Modbus.

“The UA Modbus Gateway is a great example of the power and versatility OPC UA has to offer when embedded in a small, rugged field device. From pump stations and plants, to off-shore rigs - there is strong demand for secure, reliable data connectivity right to the data source without a PC in the middle. Matrikon OPC UA Gateway answers this demand   directly – making OPC UA data sharing as fast and easy as the Modbus protocol it interfaces with.“   said Darek Kominek, marketing manager of MatrikonOPC.

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