Wednesday 29 October 2014

A-Ha! 140 automation tips from a leading blogger!

Jim Cahill on Educational Tips for Automation Engineers guides readers through the most effective and recent developments in the world of training for the process automation industry.

This Aha Amplifier book aims to inspire and create awareness of the importance of continual training within the ever-changing realm of automation engineering. Jim's own inspiration comes from interacting with experts in their relevant fields for his Emerson Process Experts blog and he uses this experience to provide readers with the insight obtained from this research and contact. He discusses concepts such as providing training for process automation professionals, engaging in the constantly growing world of eLearning, and various other ideas for providing holistic education for process manufacturers.

Jim Cahill & Read-out's Eoin Ó Riain 
caught @ an Emerson Exchange some 
years ago
For those who haven't had the pleasure Jim Cahill - and only the Irish can pronounce his surname properly - is Chief Blogger and Head of Social Marketing for Emerson Process Management.

He began his career as a system engineer for Fisher Controls, and in his 20 years at the company moved his way through various roles, experiencing sales, management, marketing, communications, and social marketing leader.

His most recent activities have been to manage a team of social marketing professionals and blog of Emerson Process Management, acting as connector between Emerson subject matter experts and global automation professionals. His blog, Emerson Process Experts, won the BtoB Corporate Blog of the Year in 2010.

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  1. Eoin, I'm still working on that pronunciation--practice, practice, practice!

    Thank you for sharing the Aha-book with your readers as well as that photo of two stellar Irish gentlemen! ;-)