Thursday 23 October 2014

High speed data connector #PAuto

The Peak Group now supply a range of VTAC High Speed Data (HSD) Connectors in Britain.
These are for the Mass InterConnect systems produced by Virginia Panel Corporation (VPC)

Designed for use in high-speed testing, the new connectors offer data transfer rates of over 10 Gbit/s per differential pair. Rapid data transfer is ensured when the connectors are installed in VPC’s 90 Series Module.

The 90 Series Module can support up to 34 VTAC HSD Connectors with two differential pairs or four single-ended connections.

VTAC’s HSD contacts are gold-plated for signal integrity and maximum reliability and are compatible with several industry standard connectors including: USB 3.0, Serial ATA, HDMI, DVI and DVI-1, RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet, QSFP and Infiniband for all high-speed testing requirements.

Applications include high-speed testing in industries such as telecommunications, military and medical electronics.

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