Friday 3 October 2014

Technical note on new methodology for high speed imaging!

IDS Imaging Development Systems  has published a new technical note entitled ‘Multi integration mode: Multiple exposures within one image’. This explores how the multi integration mode of the 2 MP CMOS sensor from e2v used in the USB 3 uEye CP family of industrial cameras allows high sped imaging to be obtained without the need for a specialist high speed camera.

Click to download (pdf)
This new technical tip is available for download and shows how the Multi integration mode allows multiple exposures to be made on just one image for motion blur reduction and visualising speed. Full set-up details for the new mode are described.

The Multi integration mode is especially suitable for use in ITS for automatic number plate recognition as well as in the sports and medical fields or particle analysis/tracing. It can also be used to superimpose multiple exposures of a positional state in one shot for extremely short exposures and dark images associated with these. This allows summing to be carried out on dark images in cyclical processes to improve signal to noise.

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