Tuesday 14 October 2014

Distributor for industrial security system for Britain!

"The industry has come a long way since StuxNet."

Electroustic now distributes Tofino's Xenon industrial firewall. Manufactured by Hirschmann, the Tofino Xenon security system is the latest addition to the Tofino family and is purpose built to provide comprehensive network protection for production systems.

The Tofino Xenon security system is both versatile and rugged, allowing it to withstand the harshest of environments, making it ideal for any industry in which maximum data security is required. This includes plant and process engineering, the transportation sector, oil and gas, power transmission and renewable energy applications such as wind farms.

Security in industry has become of paramount importance in recent years. The cost of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure is now measured in billions of dollars worth of damage.   

With Tofino's Plug-n-Protect technology, Xenon is incredibly simple to implement. The application can be installed in a live network with no special training, pre-configuration or changes to the network itself, eradicating expensive downtime.  

The industrial firewall's security stems from stateful packet inspection (SPI) that not only examines a packet based on its header, as with traditional static filtering, but rather packet contents, to establish more information than simply source and destination. SPI tracks each connection - traversing all interfaces of the firewall and ensuring its validity. 

Furthermore, as an added security measure against port scanning, the SPI closes off ports until connection to a specific one is requested.

"Here at Electroustic we provide industrial Ethernet solutions to a variety of industries," reported Paul Carr, managing director and owner. "Security is currently a very pertinent and prominent issue for nearly all the sectors we supply to.

“That's why we recommend Tofino products that help customers meet and exceed NERC CIP (North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection) requirements and ISA/IEC-62443 Standards. The Xenon firewall delivers peace of mind, which is essential – the industry has come a long way since StuxNet." 

In addition to the Xenon's in built features, optional deep packet inspection (DPI) is available. This feature allows the user to implement detailed filters within their system. Tofino’s flexible architecture goes beyond traditional firewall security by providing tailored protection zones to protect critical system components.   

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