Friday 31 October 2014

Exclusive Distributor for ISA100 Wireless™ Test Technology!

The ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute (WCI) has announced that Centero, a networking technology integrator, has been selected as the exclusive partner to distribute and support the ISA100 Wireless Device Test Kit and ISA100 Wireless Stack Test Kit.

Centero has been a member of the ISA100 WCI for the past year and members of the Centero team were instrumental in helping to define the ISA100.11a standard. Centero also takes an active role in the WCI specification development aimed at ensuring cross-vendor interoperability for ISA100 Wireless compliant networks.

The ISA100 WCI Test Kits are complete packages that allow suppliers to ensure that a device or stack conforms to WCI’s official ISA100 Wireless certification requirements and is interoperable with any other certified ISA100 Wireless device. Certification ensures interoperability among devices from any supplier and provides confidence to end users that any device with the ISA100 Compliant™ logo will work in their systems.  Companies interested in purchasing the ISA100 WCI Test Kits should contact Centero directly (Centero).

“Ensuring interoperability and interconnectivity between ISA100 compliant products from any supplier is a key product attribute for end users and vital to the growth and success of the ISA100 Wireless ecosystem,”
said Robert Assimiti, Co-Founder and CTO, Centero. “Centero is committed to helping suppliers build new ISA100 compliant products and reducing time to market.”
We are thrilled to partner with Centero and its team of ISA100 Wireless experts,” said Andre Ristaino, Managing Director, ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute. “Companies of all sizes will realize faster time to market and rapid product certification when using the support of the Centero team. We established this support arrangement to improve the quality of our test technology and responsiveness of support to users of the test kit.”

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