Monday 13 October 2014

Reporting and analysis software!

A new version of its reporting and analysis software, zenon Analyzer 2.20 has been announced by Copa-Data. The new product offers enhanced evaluation possibilities thanks to the connection to third-party databases, comprehensive presentation and display possibilities, as well as improvements in usability.

zenon Analyzer supports production engineers in identifying potential for improvement, minimising downtime and reducing energy consumption.

In the development of the new version of zenon Analyzer, the focus was on three issues: close interaction with other database systems, which means simple integration into existing infrastructures, additional display options for the analysed data, and the intuitive use of software, which allows more efficient working.

"Consistent use and analysis of the data generated during the production process offers great optimisation potential for companies", explains Thomas Lehrer, zenon Analyzer product manager at Copa-Data. "With the zenon Analyzer, our customers can exploit this potential for optimisation in a targeted manner more easily than ever."

Advanced analysis
For a comprehensive analysis of production, operating or energy data, companies must often combine information from different sources. With the SQL connector for third-party databases, zenon Analyzer 2.20 users can connect databases from third parties very easily and use the respective data for reporting and analysis.

New display options
zenon Analyzer 2.20 offers four new report templates that expand the possibilities for display and presentation considerably.

The Sankey diagram is a requirement for energy data management systems in accordance with ISO 50001 and is particularly well-suited to the display of resource flows. Companies can get an overview of their energy consumption and uncover savings potential in the process.

The annual load duration curve displays consumption over the whole year as a line or area chart.
In addition to this, the carpet plot report shows measured values, such as resource consumption, making it easier for companies to identify trends and tendencies in usage.

Finally, the Gantt diagram report provides insight into the performance and availability of equipment. Users can get an overview of the efficiency of their production processes on the basis of this analysis.

Improved user-friendliness
COPA-DATA places great value on ergonomics with each product from the zenon Product Family. zenon Analyzer also offers numerous new features in version 2.20, which make working with the reporting and analysis software simple and more efficient.

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