Friday 17 October 2014

ASTM D7345 microdistillation method for aviation fuels!

PAC’s ISL PMD 110 Complies to Newly Included Method

ISL PMD 110 from PAC, is now approved for use in the ASTM Reference Standard D1655 for Aviation Fuels. ASTM recently added ASTM D7345, the PMD Method, to the jet fuel reference standard, D1655 as an alternative to ASTM D86. ASTM D7345 is the “Standard Test Method for Distillation of Petroleum Products at Atmospheric Pressure (Micro Distillation Method)”.

Based on an innovative micro-distillation method, the PMD 110 determines the boiling range characteristics of any commercially available petroleum product, including light and middle distillates, in less than 10 minutes and using only 10 ml of sample. Thanks to its compact, robust, and portable design, the PMD 110 is easily installed in mobile or on-site laboratories.

The PMD 110 is in perfect correlation with ASTM D86 (groups 0-4), ISO 3405 (groups 0-4), IP 123, and D1160 (for Biodiesel B100). With its automated features, such as built-in calibration, automatic sample detection, and an automatic pass/fail notification makes the PMD 110 one of the easiest distillation instruments on the market.

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