Wednesday 1 October 2014

Power centre brings BS EN 61439 peace of mind!

Boulting Technology has launched a new range of low voltage (LV) switchboards. The new Boulting Power Centre (BPC) series offers users BS EN 61439 compliance - a mandatory requirement from 1 November 2014.

BS EN 61439 has been developed to simplify and clarify the means by which the performance of applicable products and assemblies, including switchgear, can be verified against the requirements of the standards. It completely replaces BS EN 60439-1, which will be withdrawn on November 1, 2014. 

In the new standard, some established definitions and practices have been radically revised and new methods of verification have been added. Whilst it retains critical safety-related technical performance requirements, the methods by which performance can be verified have variously been extended, simplified and made more accessible.

LV switchboards distribute electricity within a user’s premises. A mains supply from the grid is subdivided to feed electrically powered equipment, allowing disconnection and protection of assets as required.

The BPC range meets the requirement for higher fault ratings typically found in both commercial, including data centres, hospitals and offices, as well as industrial applications.

The range is available in 100kA, 80kA, 50kA and 25kA specifications, each one offering simple integration and high levels of reliability thanks to their innovative design. Busbar ratings for the 100kA unit are 100kA for one second, with current ratings from 6300A to 2500A, and for the 80kA, current ratings from 1600A to 4000A. This allows flexibility with switchboard layout at the initial design stage.

The LV switchboards are naturally ventilated instead of  forced ventilated, providing greater reliability whilst helping to reduce energy costs.  The specially designed heat dissipation system provides inherent reliability ensuring users achieve maximum availability.

Furthermore, this method of ventilation reduces the footprint by ten to twenty per cent, meaning that even the BPC100  model can be implemented without compromising on space. This provides companies with ample space to grow should their need increase, negating costly plant room extensions further down the line. 

"Here at Boulting Technology we offer turnkey solutions as well as custom design, build, installation and commissioning service," explained managing director, Gordon Mullis. "This enables us to deliver designs optimised for maximum cost efficiency without compromising quality or performance.

"In addition to cost and efficiency, we understand that our customers worry about meeting the latest safety standards and so the new LV switchboard range is already compliant to the stringent BS EN 61439 standard, ensuring that companies are meeting the requirement today."

The Boulting Power Centre series utilises the latest range of ABB low voltage switchgear products including the new innovative SACE Emax 2 range of ACBs (Air Circuit Breakers). These are designed to provide intelligent management of power supplies and energy use. This enables power consumption to be reduced, helping businesses to meet energy reduction targets and maximise efficiency.

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