Friday 10 October 2014

Free licenses to enhance real-time control!

Emerson Process Management has licensed royalty free patent rights for its PIDPlus wireless PID controller technology to improve real-time control performance, simplify tuning and inherently protect against system failures across all control systems. The licenses will be provided through the HART Communication Foundation, the independent organisation that provides global support for the application of HART technology.
Emerson's Peter Zornio (left) and Ted Masters of the HART Communication Foundation discuss how free licenses will enable reliable control using WirelessHART communication.
PIDPlus technology is fundamental to offering high quality real-time control using WirelessHART measurement and actuator devices with a digital control system (DCS). PIDPlus can be custom created on most existing automation systems and has been a standard feature of Emerson’s DeltaV™ distributed control system (DCS) for more than four years. Within the DeltaV system, PIDPlus enables effective and reliable control using WirelessHART communication that is optimised for improved battery life.

According to Ted Masters, president of the HART Communication Foundation, “We are pleased to offer PIDPlus technology to our broader membership as another step to advance the capability of WirelessHART toward reliable real-time control. Contributions such as these from our member companies continue to push HART Communication Protocol to cutting edge technology to the benefit of the entire process automation industry.”

"WirelessHART has undergone rapid adoption, across a variety of industries. This technology provides greater confidence and performance when using wireless for more critical applications," said Peter Zornio, chief strategic officer, Emerson Process Management. "We are strong believers in standards organisations that provide open platforms for interoperability, thereby enabling users to optimise their technology investments.”

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