Tuesday 21 October 2014

Complete net oil solution with Coriolis flowmeters!

Yokogawa is releasing its patent pending solution for Advanced Net Oil and Real Time Gas Void Fraction measurement for use in upstream oil and gas. This solution is the only type of its kind where both measurements can be made in the same device, seamlessly switching between oil/water measurements and oil/gas measurements. This will ensure a repeatable and accurate net oil measurement.

Development Background

Major Target Markets
• Oil and gas well sites
• Oil wells, tank batteries, custody transfer stations, lease allocation well sites, 2-phase and 3-phase separators
• Water disposal wells and treatment centers
• Transportation trucks of oil and water disposal
With the rapid advance in oil and gas well drilling over the past few years, pipelines have not kept pace with new drilling sites. Much of the oil that is removed from the wells is unfortunately never pure; in most cases the oil will contain water or gas in some form. With traditional measurement methods, these impurities often lead to inaccurate measurement of oil from the wells. Some of the common issues associated with this, as reported by customers, are:

  • Unreliable net oil measurements from the separators

  • Inability to account for entrained gas, leading to inaccurate net oil measurements

  • Costly variations when measuring oil from lease allocation well sites, causing financial and legal issues

  • Operating on the assumption that the oil and water (saline) is at a fixed consistency, not allowing for change in values as the well matures

    Yokogawa Corporation of America carefully examined the customers’ needs and designed a reliable solution that meets industry needs.

    Their patent pending Complete Net Oil solution encompasses both the net oil and gas void fraction functionality. The ROTAMASS Coriolis meter switches seamlessly between the two functions with no disruption to production or the measurement. The Complete Net Oil solution is adapted to each unique well site and is adjustable as the well changes and the field matures. This reduces inaccurate readings of oil from separators and leads to a more real time net oil measurement in the one device.

    Product Features
    1. Advanced net oil/water cut measurement: Yokogawa’s Net Oil measurement delivers real-time values of oil from the separator by utilizing precise mass flow and density measurements from the ROTAMASS. The oil/water ratios are determined by combining internal algorithms with API oil density curves and the well’s unique produced water properties.
    2. Real Time Gas Void Fraction: When the measured density is lower than the known density value for the oil at the specific operating temperature, the internal algorithms generate an operating density based on API density calculations, allowing for a corrected volumetric flow, negating the volume error generated by the gas.
    3. Further, the ROTAMASS is the only flow meter that yields continuous water cut measurement and gas void fraction measurement, switching seamlessly in the same meter.
    4. In addition to the standard ROTAMASS Coriolis outputs (mass, volume, density, temperature), the following information can be provided by the unit:
    - Total net oil values
    - API barrels correct to 60F
    - Water cut values
    - Gas void fraction value
    - Total gross volume (oil)
    - Total mass (oil)

    5. Available in MODBUS communication for easy integration into already existing control, PLC, SCADA systems

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