Wednesday 29 October 2014

Configuring and ordering measuring instruments online!

On this website, customers of German measuring equipment manufacturers LABOM can now assemble their preferred product configuration by themselves and request a quotation for it. 

The LABOM Configurator, available in English and German for business-to-business customers from around the world, offers the possibility of saving a lot of time in the procurement process. Customers from Germany can also order a selection of standardised pressure and temperature measuring devices and accessories directly via a shopping basket in their online shop, launched along with the Configurator.

The LABOM Configurator and the LABOM Shop share a similar 'look and feel' in order to enable a seamless user experience. Furthermore, both areas of the new LABOM e-commerce platform contain service features offering users a high degree of convenience. For example, the preferred currency for the requested quotation (euro, US dollar, or British pound) can be preselected in the customer profile of the Configurator. The shop, on the other hand, even offers after-sales support, as forms for returning damaged items for repair at the manufacturer’s service department can be downloaded directly from the web portal.

On the online-shop, frequently demanded temperature and pressure measurement products, accessories such as valves, gaskets, siphons, and displays as well as budget-priced stock lots and phased-out models can be ordered quickly and conveniently and paid by invoice. Products that are in stock and do not require customer-specific production are shipped within two or three working days. Shipping inside Germany is free of charge if the order value exceeds 500 euros.

The LABOM Configurator assists users in the search for their configuration of choice and immediately subjects it to a plausibility check. Thus, the suitable product can be found much faster than with conventional printed catalogues. The reason is that industrial pressure and temperature measurement devices such as those made by LABOM are characterised by a great variety of versions. For example, one type of device may be available for several different measuring ranges, in various materials, and with a variety of process connections.

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