Tuesday 20 April 2010

CT range extended

Carlo Gavazzi has expanded its CTD family of current transformers with the addition of six solid-core and five split-core models pushing capability up to 4000A. Like the existing CTD portfolio the new devices are easy to install, simple to wire and deliver enhanced safety assurance.

With the new current transformers, the company able to provide solutions from 50A right up to the highest currents for energy management applications, including motor control and power control centres. Split core versions provide Class 1 measurement to EN60044-1 standards, with the new CTD-5S designed for 26 x 32mm bus bars and primary currents from 125A to 400A. CTD-6S extends capability to the 200-1000A range on 50 x 52mm bus-bars, whilst models CTD-8S, CTD-9S and CTD-10S cover current ranges of 400-2500A, 500-4000A and 400-4000A respectively, on 30 x 80, 35 x 125 and 50 x 126mm bus bars.

New solid-core models are rated Class 0.5 and are available in either vertical or horizontal mounting formats on the larger bus bars, ranging from the 400-2500A CTD-8H / CTD-8V to 400-4000A CTD-10H/CTD-10V models.

All of the new devices cater for 5A or 1A secondary current measurements. Furthermore, current transformer output can be bridged without changing connection of the secondary, so avoiding any output over-voltage during either the maintenance or installation procedure.

The CTD’s screw terminals are compatible with all wire types on the secondary side, making connections easy and flexible with up to eight-wire connection; and the use of up to 10 isolated screws ensures strong and reliable attachment of the current transformer to bus bars. Simple output and earth connections, together with the ability to seal terminal-block covers and the split-core bar fixing screws, provide the assurance of maximum safety protection.

The CTD family are compatible with Carlo Gavazzi’s full range of energy management products and digital panel meters, and suitable for both motor control and power control centres.


  1. May I know what all models are been made by CTD family of current transformers?What is the use of each model?

  2. Split core current transformers are like the fancy sportscar of electronics. Allow the designer and developer to get together!! Split core current transformers