Tuesday 6 April 2010

Wireless key-fobs

This is probably not strictly our field but we liked the picture and they appeal to our gadget loving inner child!

LPRS now offers one of the widest ranges of wireless key-fobs available to manufacturers of security and control systems. In addition to the well-established and very popular AMTX2B-4-ER model, an additional range of very cost effective multi-function wireless key-fobs have now been introduced. They are available in a number of different designs, providing a range of control options and case designs to complement end system aesthetics

The new range of wireless key-fobs is made up of 6 different models all operating at 433,92MHz and housed in ABS cases. All feature the Keeloq® software data encoding system derived by Microchip Technology Inc. to ensure safe and secure transmission of control signals from the key-fob transmitter to the receiver.

The Ring, Duet and Alien models are two channel devices with transmission power of <+4dBm. They feature a low battery indicator and transmission indicator using two LEDs, in red and green, measure 35x50x10mm and are fitted with rubber actuating buttons. The Banan offers three channels and has a transmission power of < +2dBm and dimensions of 68x25x15mm with plastic buttons. The Lider and Quartet key-fobs are four channel devices with transmission power of < +4dBm. They both feature LED low battery and transmission indicators, dimensions are 35x70x14mm, with plastic buttons on the Lider and rubber buttons on the Quartet. The new RSC-2 wireless key-fobs complement the existing AMTX2B-4-ER transmitter already available from LPRS. This 2 button key-fob AM transmitter operates at 434MHz and features LPRS’s easy-Radio software allowing instant wireless communication with a matching receiver. On board software can be customised to suit specific requirements and may be reconfigured up to a minimum of 1,000 times. The AMTX2B-4-ER offers reliable communication over an extended range, operates in ASK format and features an LED indicator to confirm transmissions.

John Sharples
, Managing Director of LPRS adds, “We have been providing wireless key-fobs for many years and have a great deal of experience of standard and custom applications. The new models we are introducing offer increased functionality, cost effectiveness and modern case designs to meet many more applications.”

LPRS offer a range of matching receiver/controller modules to work with all of their wireless key-fobs which provide momentary or latching switched outputs for remote system control and single or multiple key-fob activation.

Typical applications for LPRS’ wireless key-fobs include remote control door, window open, car alarms, access control, automatic gates, lights etc.

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