Tuesday 20 April 2010

Ultra miniature loadcells

Sherborne Sensors has introduced the SS4000M series, a family of ultra miniature universal load cells, designed for precision force measurements within tension or compression applications where space is at a premium.

Offered in ranges of ±10 to ±500N with 2mV/V output, the robust construction of the SS4000M series consists of a bridge of transducer-quality strain gauges, bonded to the transducer element. This element is manufactured from high strength alloy or stainless steel, depending upon range requirements. Even with its small size, the SS4000M series offers high accuracy and very low deflection under load. Units are temperature compensated over -10 to +60°C for reliable operation in a variety of application environments. Recommended accessories include indicators and male rod end bearings for tension related applications.

With their high-reliability performance characteristics in a small envelope size, the SS4000M series is ideal for use within high-volume OEM applications, as well as materials testing, laboratory analysis, research and development and general force measurements within space constrained environments.

All these SS4000M series ultra miniature load cells are 100% tested and calibrated at the factory prior to shipment, and are accompanied by a two-year comprehensive warranty. The product is also included under the company's new Guaranteed On-Time Delivery program.

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