Tuesday 6 April 2010

Use of bus devices grows steadily

ProfiNet now with 2.1 million devices in the market - Number of ProfiBus nodes also increasing

PI (ProfiBus & ProfiNet International)
is happy about the growth of its ProfiBus and ProfiNet technologies in 2009. Especially in light of the difficult global economic situation during the last 18 months, the market numbers, which were gathered by notary statistics as always, underline the importance of ProfiBus and ProfiNet in the automation industry.

ProfiNet, the Industrial Ethernet solution of PI, was able to continue its growth during the difficult year of 2009 with 500,000 newly purchased devices – compared to 460,000 devices in 2008. As a result, the installed basis has now climbed to 2.1 million devices. The trend shows that the sales of ProfiNet has not been adversely affected by the recession; on the contrary, the trend is in the opposite direction. PI views this as a great success. Jörg Freitag, PI Chairman (right), also sees a large growth potential in the future: “In this difficult economic climate, to achieve almost 10 % greater sales compared to 2008 is a sign of the overwhelming acceptance of ProfiNet. Our Ethernet-based solution offers the user a significant added value that is increased even further by the new energy savings profile “PROFIenergy”. There is no doubt that ProfiNet has a strong future.”

The number of ProfiBus devices sold worldwide rose by 3.1 million to a current total of 31.4 million. Jörg Freitag explained: “The automation industry has been hit hard by the 2009 recession. Nevertheless, the installed base of ProfiBus devices has increased by 11 % compared to the previous year of 2008. This is another major success for PI and its established fieldbus technology.” Of the total 31.4 million devices, 5.4 million are being used in process automation plants. As a result, ProfiBus is taking on an important role in this industry as well. The PA Profile V3.02 will significantly accelerate the dissemination of ProfiBus in the process automation industry, since it contains a set of important features called for by end users.

The 220,000 purchased PROFIsafe devices in 2009 equals the number purchased the previous year. With its current installed base of 850,000 devices, PROFIsafe has posted striking evidence of its leading role in fieldbus-based safe communication systems.

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