Wednesday 21 April 2010

Best corporate blog...

Emerson honoured for "Best Corporate Blog” by BtoB Magazine

This is the official account from Emerson on something we commented on already on our blog , "A tale of two media", last week. where we quoted from the citation which said that the blog was selected for relevance, rich features, and frequent content updates

Emerson Process Management has earned the 2010 “Best Corporate Blog” award from BtoB Magazine for the “Emerson Process Experts” blog, led by chief blogger Jim Cahill.

This blog features technology and application specialists throughout the company − and sometimes customers − sharing their experiences, suggestions and tips on applying process control and monitoring technologies in plant operations to improve safety, reliability and performance.

“What makes our Experts blog so meaningful is how tightly it reflects the daily challenges customers face,” said Kathy Button Bell, chief marketing officer for Emerson. “We strive in all of our communications to reflect an intimate understanding of customer challenges, and encourage conversations about how Emerson can help them solve those issues.”

When the Emerson Process Experts blog began four years ago, the goal was simple. Give a voice to the many technology, application and business experts within the Emerson Process Management organisation. While the blog has been prolific and successful in achieving this goal, the hundreds of postings have also revealed an important truth about social media.

Some people might pursue a blog as a publishing tool − a way to tell their story,” says Jim Cahill, social media manager for Emerson Process Management. “But blogs like this are equally important as listening devices, making your organisation available for customers to respond to what they read, ask questions, seek help. If you are listening, you can respond in a meaningful way. We call it ‘living at the surface’.”

As we have said before we find it extraordinary that Emerson is almost unique - but not quite - in the automation industry to sufficiently value this phenomenon to appoint a Social Media Manager.

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  1. Eoin, Let me "live at the surface" and thank you again for highlighting the award! In the vastness of business-to-business marketing, it's really cool that our relatively small world of automation by comparison be recognized.

    Take care! Jim