Monday 19 April 2010

Introducing Thermography

Fluke is offering a free, 72-page illustrated book, ‘Introduction to Thermography Principles’, designed to provide an introduction to thermal imager operation and procedures with an overview of the latest information on their safe, efficient and practical usage.

Thermal imagers have become essential troubleshooting and preventive maintenance discovery and diagnostic tools for electricians in industrial, process and commercial applications, as well as for service providers in the building diagnostic and inspection industries. The ‘Introduction to Thermography Principles’ book includes detailed chapters on Troubleshooting, Training and Safety, Applied Theory, Thermography Applications and Inspection Methodologies, as well as Analysis, Reporting and Documentation. These chapters are backed by full colour images from real applications.

Fluke offers a wide choice of thermal imagers for industrial and building diagnostic applications, from the entry level Ti9, through the Ti10, TiR, TiRx, Ti25, TiR1, to the Ti32 and TiR32, each suited to a different range of tasks and to satisfy different budgets. The Fluke Ti9 Electrical Thermal Imager is a rugged entry-level thermal imager aimed at electrical contractors and electricians, offering best in class image quality and instantly showing faults in electrical equipment.

The rugged, high-performance Fluke Ti25 and Fluke Ti10 Thermal Imagers are designed to make thermal imaging affordable and effective for day-to-day troubleshooting and maintenance tasks. The Fluke Ti32 and TiR32 Thermal Imagers are industrial grade, high-performance IR cameras incorporating a powerful 320x240 sensor to provide high-definition, strikingly crisp, detailed images: their superior image quality helps to identify even the smallest temperature differences that could indicate problems. These four models incorporate IR Fusion®, a technology that integrates infrared and visible light images in full screen, or picture-in-picture, views for enhanced problem detection and analysis.

Potential users of Fluke thermal imagers can request a free demonstration and also request a free copy of the book (normally priced at £22).

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