Tuesday 13 April 2010

Linear actuator packs more power in less space

Thomson has extended its range of ball screw linear actuators with the particularly compact, yet powerful T60 Precision Linear Actuator (PLA).

The key feature of the new T60 is its compact dimensions, which enable installation even when the available space is extremely limited. The width and height of the linear unit measures a mere 75 x 60 mm so the unit can be easily installed in smaller machines and units - for example to activate valves, push or pull components or to precisely position ducts.

Despite its compact installation dimensions, the T60 offers the same high performance characteristics as the larger units in the PLA range. The T60 drives static loads of up to 10 kN over a stroke length of 1.5 m and permits Y and Z axis loads up to 100 N. High travel speed of 2.5 m/s, combined with repeatability of ±0.05 mm and low 0.11 mm backlash are particularly suited to installation in pick and place systems.

The T60 is also ideally suited to use in harsh environments such as food packaging with IP65 rated protection against dirt ingress. In addition, the standard unit can be subjected to extended rinsing processes without compromising the reliable operation that customers expect from Thomson products. Special lubricants are also available for hygienic applications. An operating temperature of -20 to +70 °C makes the T60 equally at home in a controlled environment food processing environment as it is in a thermoforming application.

Like its two larger cousins, the T90 and T130, the new T60 is extremely rugged and reliable and caters for a broad range all industrial applications from process automation, to food production, electronics and pharmaceutical manufacturing through to the packaging industry. The high power and generous stroke length of these actuators also lends itself to use in place of pneumatic or hydraulic drive systems. Electric actuation offers a number of advantages over conventional fluid-based systems which are prone to high levels of noise and potential contamination as a consequence of hydraulic oil leakages. Furthermore, a more precise degree of control is achieved by using electrical drives. Electrical actuation is also more efficient because electrical drives only consume power on-demand and do not consume costly energy in "standby mode"like compressors.

The T60 is designed to share the same long service life and maximum capacity enjoyed by the rest of the PLA range. A central lubrication service point contributes towards its easy maintenance. In addition to this, a comprehensive range of flanges makes it possible to use a wide range of available drive motors. A belt gear box is also available in place of a conventional gearhead if there is not sufficient machine space to install the motor on the end of the linear actuator.

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