Thursday 22 April 2010

High precision pressure measurement

With the PBMN product, Baumer offers a highly precise pressure transmitter for demanding applications in hydraulics or engine and vehicle construction. The fully welded versions are available with an accuracy of up to 0.1 % F.S. The total error band is less than 0.4 % F.S. over the whole compensated temperature range. The transmitter can be easily configured with the FlexProgrammer.

As part of their modularly designed PB series, which can be adapted individually to customer needs, the PBMN is the high-end transmitter for demanding applications. Thanks to the seal-less construction, the measuring device can be used in many different media. The PBMN is suitable for measuring ranges from 0…100 mbar up to 0…1600 bar. It is based either on piezoresistive technology (for pressures below 40 bar) or on metal thin film technology (for pressures over 40 bar).

The PBMN features a high overpressure resistance and long-term stability (0.1 % F.S.) as well as a very high accuracy over the compensated temperature range from -40 °C up to +85 °C. It is available with accuracies of 0.1 %, 0.25 %, or 0.5 %. The total error band in the compensated temperature range is less than 0.4 % F.S. for the version with 0.1 % accuracy.

The measuring device is provided with several output signals (4…20mA, 0…10VDC, 0…5VDC) and stainless steel process connections. A number of options are available for the electrical connection as well. The PBMN is delivered programmed according to exact customer requirements, but it can easily be re-configured using the Baumer FlexProgrammer 9701. The measuring range is one of the adjustable parameters, and the zero point can be recalibrated as well.

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