Friday 23 April 2010

Marketing and sales again!

ISA’s 5th Annual Marketing and Sales Summit heads for Atlanta in September

Last year one of the highlights for this correspondent was the ISA's 4th Marketing and Sales Summit in Boston - Managing Through the Tumult and Turbulence. We didn't attend but we were able to look-in on the event and actually participate without having to brave the perils of a tran-Atlantic crossing. It was the first tme that we had been able to share in an event this way and for that reason it is indelibly filed in our memory.

The 5th Annual Marketing and Sales Summit will be held 1-3 September 2010, in Atlanta (GA US). This year’s conference theme is In Search of the Holy Grail: Integrating Marketing and Sales. The event is sponsored by ISA’s Management Division.

In a time where innovation and quick responses to the market are crucial to success, this three-day summit will provide valuable insight into how marketing and sales professionals can work together for positive outcomes.

Sessions will focus on best practices in social media, guerilla marketing, brand marketing, winning complex accounts, market-driven product development, business development and engineering, product marketing management vs. product management, sales vs. marketing, branding in the web 2.0 era, and redefining advertising in the digital age. Breakout sessions will provide even more practical information.
Conference Tracks:
  • Strategy and Business Development
  • Integrated Marketing and Sales
  • Online Marketing
  • Sales Best Practices
“Going on our fifth year, the ISA Marketing and Sales Summit continues to break new ground and deliver vital, timely marketing and sales education, and incredible networking for automation professionals,” stated Juliann Grant, vice president, Telesian Technology and Planning Committee Member. “Last year, we held the first live broadcast to illustrate the power of social media, and we had people participating from around the world. This year we have even bigger plans to showcase new technologies and demonstrate how they integrate with marketing and sales. The bottom line is, the world of communications is rapidly changing, and it’s important that marketing and sales professionals get the education they need to stay on top of current trends, and stay connected with their peers in the automation industry,” she added.

We look forward to a more exciting and an even more participative event than last year's pioneering event.

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