Thursday 29 April 2010

I/O module launched

Diamond Systems Corporation has launched the industry’s first digital I/O module compatible with the recently-introduced FeaturePak embedded I/O expansion standard. The FP-GPIO96 integrates 96 buffered, programmable digital I/O lines, eight 32-bit counter/timers, four 24-bit pulse-width modulation circuits, and a watchdog timer. It interfaces to host systems via the FeaturePak host interface’s high-speed PCI Express bus interface.

In addition, Diamond have an adapter board that allows the use of FeaturePak I/O expansion modules in systems that provide SUMIT-ISM expansion stack locations. The SUMIT/FP Adapter provides a pair of 50-pin I/O header connectors for convenient access to all FeaturePak I/O and consumes a single PCI Express x1 lane from the SUMIT-A bus connector. In addition, it includes pass-through connectors for the SUMIT-ISM stack’s SUMIT-B bus and PC/104 (ISA) bus. An extended operation temperature range of -40oC to +85oC is supported.

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