Friday 30 April 2010

Acoustic sensors & instruments

New line of precision acoustic sensors and instrumentation

Meggitt Sensing Systems has introduced a new line of Endevco® acoustic sensors and instrumentation, designed expressly for use in automotive NVH, cabin noise, vibro-acoustic testing, appliance noise evaluation, wind tunnel testing and other critical sound and noise measurement applications.

Endevco® prepolarized condenser measurement microphones, available in 1/8”, ¼”, and ½” diameters, are offered in free-field, pressure, low-cost array and random incidence types and can be used to meet IEC and ANSI standards. Array microphones offer a lower overall per channel measurement cost and are directly compatible with ISOTRON® (IEPE-type) signal conditioning. They can be used as drop-in replacements within existing accelerometer test system set-ups for as-needed precision noise measurements. Models may be purchased as stand-alone units, or in a microphone and low-noise preamplifier combination with iTEDS on-board memory storage capabilities, facilitating their use within larger channel count applications. All microphones are constructed with a stainless steel protective grid case and housing, as well as a special stainless steel alloy diaphragm, for high reliability in a variety of application environments.

Available for use with these precision measurement microphones are a full range of low-noise ISOTRON® preamplifiers, handheld calibrators, and accessories. In addition, all acoustic sensors and instrumentation are covered by a five-year comprehensive product warranty.

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