Wednesday 7 April 2010

Partnership to cover India

Mistral and Esterel Technologies Announce Partnership to Expand SCADE® Deployment in India

Mistral Solutions and Esterel Technologies have announced a partnership to expand deployment of SCADE Suite® and SCADE Display® to critical embedded control application developers and critical embedded display application developers, respectively.

Mistral will offer this family of products in the Indian market to address mission and safety-critical software development needs in aerospace and defense, rail transportation, nuclear instrumentation and control, industrial, and medical applications. These environments often require qualification or certification under standards such as DO-178B up to Level A (aerospace and defense), EN 50128 SIL 3/4 (rail transportation), IEC 61508 SIL 3 (industrial), and IEC 60880 (nuclear instrumentation and control).
  • SCADE Suite®, a formal model-based development environment for critical embedded applications provides formal state machine and data flow semantics for design entry as well as model-based verification. SCADE Suite has been qualified under DO-178B Level A and certified under EN 50128 to SIL 3/4 for Rail Applications and SIL 3 under IEC 61508 for Industrial Applications.

  • SCADE Display®, an embedded graphics development environment dedicated to safety-critical display systems, intrinsically supports OpenGL-SC, the safety-critical variant of Open GL. SCADE Display KCG™ has been qualified under DO-178B, up to Level A for the Military and Aerospace industries.
“Mistral is happy to be partnering with Esterel Technologies in addressing the needs of developers in the critical embedded software applications space. The alliance adds to our embedded product suite, and gives our customers a wider array of cutting-edge technology solutions that adhere to tough quality standards”, said Mujahid Alam, Vice President – Sales.

“Mistral’s core values, products, and experience align very well with Esterel Technologies and the SCADE family product offering. In addition, Mistral’s firm understanding of the Indian critical embedded software industry, the needs of its clients, and strong technical pedigree will be instrumental in the deploying SCADE successfully throughout the market”,
commented Eric Bantegnie, President and CEO of Esterel Technologies.

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