Thursday 25 February 2010

Extreme high temp piezoelectric accelerometers for gas turbine monitoring applications

Meggitt Sensing Systems has launched the Endevco® models 6237M70 and 6237M71, two compact, extreme high temperature piezoelectric accelerometers with industry-exclusive 10 pC/g output, designed for continuous, reliable operation in temperatures of up to +1200°F (+650°C) with long mean time between failure (MTBF).

The unique low-profile design of Endevco® models 6237M70 and 6237M71 facilitates installation into cramped locations with minimal structural support. Model 6237M70 has its sensitive axis located in-line with the mounting screw, while model 6237M71 is perpendicular, or transverse, to the mounting screw. Both models are ground isolated, and offer a resonant frequency of 11 kHz, with frequency response to 3 kHz (±5%). As charge output piezoelectric devices, they are self-generating, and require no external power for operation. Sensing elements and integral shield are case isolated, and are contained within a hermetically healed Inconel housing. Units are supplied with a 10-foot (3.1 meter) integral hardline cable, with other lengths available upon request, and easy single-bolt mounting via a high-temperature 10-32 UNF-2B end connector and supplied 10-32 screw.

Recommended accessories for use with models 6237M70 and 6237M71 include the Endevco® model 2721B charge amplifier, designed for lower resistance piezoelectric output at higher temperatures, and the model 3090C high temperature cable. With their rugged design and reliable performance, the sensors are well-suited for vibration monitoring of aircraft and ground-level gas turbines, exhaust systems, compressor systems and equipment, environmental chamber testing, and other demanding high-temperature applications.

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