Thursday 18 February 2010

3-component dynamometer

Only 32 mm high but with a large measuring range of ±10 kN, the new Type 9129AA three component dynamometer from Kistler Instruments is ideal for measuring the machining forces involved in drilling, grinding, milling and turning operations as well as general, multicomponent force measurement in confined spaces. The 95x105 mm cover plate has tapped holes to facilitate mounting work pieces or clamping devices. The materials used in the construction of the dynamometer are resistant to corrosion by cutting fluids and the unit is sealed to IP67 when used with the matching cable.

The design of the new dynamometer uses four multi-component, piezoelectric, force sensors, which provide the three components of the force vector and the three components of the resultant moment vector. Forces are measured with practically no displacement and the design minimizes temperature error. The four sensors are ground isolated to avoid ground loop problems and the signals are taken to a 9-pin flange connector.

Kistler piezoelectric force measurement technology is both precise and robust making the Type 9129AA dynamometer suitable for a wide range of research and development applications.

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