Monday 22 February 2010

Reduce emissions while saving fuel costs

With the price of petrol and diesel rising again and against a backdrop of global warming, it is no wonder that close attention is focused on driving, which according to the USA’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the largest contributor to ground level ozone affecting global warming and acid rain. Most vehicles generate three major pollutants: hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. Vehicles also emit large quantities of carbon dioxide, the biggest contributor to global warming.

While car manufacturers strive to produce ever more efficient cars and engines it is a simple fact it will take many years before there are a sufficient proportion of newer vehicles on the road to have a significant impact. With the world still on an economy drive, older, less efficient vehicles are going be around for many more years to come.

But therein lies the solution. One of the quickest and surest ways to effect change is by offering immediate and realistic cost savings. That is where Forever Freedom International (FFI) can help with its amazing fuel pill, the MPG-CAP™. Used in a ratio of just 1 gram per 300 – 380 (More or less may be required for different engine types, driving styles, and fuels) litres of EU petrol – or EU on-road diesel - this inexpensive little caplet decreases emissions by up to 75% and fuel consumption by 7 to 14%.

How does it work?
The MPG-CAP™ gradually puts a catalytic coating on the face of the engine piston making fuel burn more efficiently while still in the combustion chamber, as opposed to continuing to burn on its way out the exhaust. Evaporative emissions decrease as fuel efficiency increases. In effect, the combustion chamber is enabled to burn more of the air/fuel mixture thus reducing wasted fuel that is expelled in the exhaust cycle of the engine.

The product has been thoroughly tested by tier one testing facilities and has been demonstrated in both laboratory and on road studies to improve octane (petrol) and cetane (diesel) values, reduce combustion chamber carbon deposits and exhaust particulate emissions, lower CO, NOx, and unburned hydrocarbon emissions, and improve mileage 7-14%.

Made of the purest of active ingredients and with no end of life disposal issues, these little capsules are even supplied with a money back guarantee. This product, properly registered with the EPA, is very inexpensive and easy to use. It and associated products can be ordered online where it is also possible to sign up to become a distributor of the products.

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