Thursday 18 February 2010

Guide details innovative high-pressure tube connector

Parker Hannifin has published a new 40-page guide to its innovative range of ferrule-less tube connectors for high-pressure fluid applications, which provides permanent connections for instrumentation tubing systems operating to 20,000 PSI /1,380 bar.

Assembled by means of a push-fit operation taking seconds, Phastite connectors can reduce installation costs by factors of up to 90% or more compared with welded or cone-and-thread fittings.

The guide describes the technology and sealing principle, the assembly process, and the advantages of this connection system compared with other approaches. It then provides detailed specifications and selection information for all the various shapes and sizes of fitting for tube diameters from 1/4 to 1 inch/6 to 25 mm, and information on the associated handheld or benchtop assembly tools.

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