Saturday 6 February 2010

Inclinometers for US market

Sherborne Sensors has announced the North American market introduction of the LSI series, a family of cost-effective, rugged, closed loop gravity referenced servo inclinometers. The LSI series is specially designed to withstand severe shock and vibration inputs, for precision measurement capabilities in even the most demanding of environments.

The LSI series incorporates a unique, flexure-supported torque balancing system, which is rugged enough to withstand shock inputs of 1500 g, yet still provides excellent accuracy and repeatability over a wide operating temperature range. For added durability, sensor components and associated electronics are contained within IP64 environmentally sealed housing. Units are available in ranges of ±14.5°, ±30° and ±90°, and offer a high level, 5-Volt analog DC-output signal, proportional to sine of the angle of tilt. LSI series models are fully self-contained, and are able to connect to a DC power source and a readout or control device, to form a complete operating system. These robust units are ideal for use in civil engineering, structural monitoring, geophysical and seismic studies, machinery and structural alignment, pipeline leveling, crane safety and satellite antenna leveling applications, among others. Recommended accessories include bi-polar power supplies and the new DTI series digital panel indicator, which allows a user to read outputs directly in degrees.

LSI series inclinometers are 100% factory tested and calibrated, and are issued with a calibration certificate prior to shipment. The units carry a two-year comprehensive warranty, and are part of the new Sherborne Sensors Guaranteed On-Time Delivery program. In addition, they offer the added benefits of ISO9001: 2000 certified manufacturing, extensive applications engineering support, global technical sales presence, repair, refurbishment and calibration services, stocking programs, and continuous product improvements.

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