Friday 19 February 2010

Decreasing installation costs for the power and utility market

GE Intelligent Platforms announced the availability of its new 125V DC Input module for the PACSystems® RX3i controller. Input modules provide the interface between the RX3i and external input devices such as sensors, push buttons, and switches. The new input module is specifically designed for those applications, such as switchgear used in various utility industries that utilize 125V DC power.

The 125 volt DC Positive / Negative Logic Input module provides 16 input points in one group with a common power input terminal. This input module can be wired for either positive or negative logic. Input characteristics are compatible with a wide range of input devices, and the module is compatible with all existing CPU firmware.

“This module expands the options available for our controllers” said Bill Black, Controllers Product Manager for GE Intelligent Platforms, “reducing installation costs by providing a module with just the right amount of input points. The utility market in particular uses 125V DC power in many applications where operation of essential equipment must be maintained if AC is lost and this input module will fit their requirements. ”

The PACSystems RX3i controller features a single control engine and universal programming environment to provide application portability across multiple hardware platforms and deliver a true convergence of control choices. It is a high performance controller with a 300 MHz Intel® microprocessor and 10 Mbytes of user memory that eliminates the need for multiple controllers and simplifies control. Other features include:
  • A universal backplane with a high speed PCI bus running at 27 MHz for fast data throughput for complex I/O and a serial bus for simple I/O that optimizes performance and your investment. The universal backplane also supports HOT SWAP to minimize downtime.
  • A wide range of I/O modules (over 40 types available) for simple to complex applications; various network modules are also available.
The PACSystems portable control engine provides high performance on several different platforms, allowing OEMs and end users with application variability to choose the exact control system hardware that best suits their needs - all in a single, compact and highly integrated package.

The 125V DC Input module is also available for the Series 30-90 and both are available immediately.

More about PACSystems.

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