Thursday 18 February 2010

New debug probe

Ashling Microsystems, a NeST Group company, has launched an Entry-level Debug Probe for embedded development on Texas Instruments (TI) Processor and DSP platforms. Opella-XDS100v2 is designed to work with v4.1 (or later) of TI’s Code Composer Studio (CCS) IDE and seamlessly plugs into the CCS environment allowing convenient debugging of application code actually running on the target system. Debugging support is provided for all TI platforms including OMAP™, DaVinci™, TMS320C6000™, TMS320C5000™, TMS320C2000™ and TMS470™ families

Commenting on the product release, Hugh O’Keeffe, Engineering Director of Ashling Microsystems, Ltd. said “TI's decision to make CCS free to Opella-XDS100v2 users is a massive step forward in reducing the cost of equipping engineering teams who wish to target applications based on TI's Processor or DSP platforms. A full set of development and debug tools is now available for significantly less than $100 per seat. This price point will open up many new markets and applications that were not previously possible due to the prohibitive cost of equipping engineers”

Opella-XDS100v2 and TI’s CCS are available directly from Ashling and its sales representatives worldwide.

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