Thursday 18 February 2010

Selecting instrument which fits your needs!

Selecting the right measuring points can be tedious; often this requires complex calculations and can become a time-consuming task.

Applicator software from Endress+Hauser is designed to help with the selection and sizing of the instruments needed for a project. Applicator is available free, as a program running on the E+H web-site or by request on CD to install as a local version, to provide support throughout the life cycle of a project. Applicator provides safe, targeted and fast product selection along with simplified, application-specific sizing.

Applicator is designed to help the person who knows their application, but is unsure of the best measuring system for their need. Applicator is composed of three modules, which are interlinked, but may be used independently depending on the information needed.

The first module is the Selection module, which prompts the user to enter specific measuring point parameters. From this information, Applicator generates a selection of suitable instruments, with pictures and properties. These properties can then be viewed in the form of a comparison table. The comparison table provides a detailed overview of each suggestion, making it easy to choose the best product for the job. Printouts of specification sheets in PDF-format support engineering requirements.

The second module is the Sizing module. Products chosen using the Selection module can be easily transferred into the Sizing module, which calculates all the data required to determine the optimum instrument including the nominal width, pressure drop, accuracy, process connections and more. Results can be displayed in a variety of ways, including graphs, and may be printed or transferred to Applicator’s third module.

The third module is the Administration or Project module, which functions like a database to save project information, making it easy to access in the future. All of the data and parameters relevant to the project are stored in this module and may be accessed throughout the life cycle of a project. This module structures projects in hierarchy levels and documents them from the company level to TAG numbers. A Product Configurator interface makes it easy to then build the complete order structure and where an Online Shop account exists, the customer can quickly determine prices and availability.

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