Wednesday 3 February 2010

Photoelectric sensors for transparent targets

Stable and dependable detection for transparent objects, including glass, films and PET, simple installation and ease of adjustment are the key benefits of the new E3ZM-B_T photoelectric sensors. These versatile sensors are the latest additions to Omron's E3Z product range, which is the most comprehensive and competitive family of compact sensors currently available for food industry applications.

Designed for retroreflective operation, the new E3ZM-B_T sensors are suitable for sensing distances up to 500 mm. They are available with an easy-to-adjust potentiometer for range setting, or on request with a one-touch teach button for users who prefer automatic range adjustment.

All models feature 316L stainless-steel housings and can be supplied in versions with integral cables or for use with connectors. A choice of PNP or NPN outputs is offered.

These sensors use the same mounting brackets and compact connectors as the other sensors in the E3Z range, which also includes leading-edge products for standard applications, for mark detection and for use in hygienic environments. For food packaging lines, this simplifies machine design and construction, and also reduces the number of different bracket and connector types that users need to stock.

There are also benefits for those machine builders that have a multivendor strategy for sensor sourcing, as the industry-standard compact format used by E3ZM-B_T sensors ensures that the general purpose products are physically interchangeable with sensors from many other suppliers around the world.

The new sensors complement Omron’s existing E3Z-B basic transparent object sensors and its E3ZM-B sensors that are designed for the highest stability with PET targets, which will continue to be available.

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