Friday 12 February 2010

Versatile pressure transmitter

The PBSN product from Baumer is a new general purpose pressure transmitter series. Thanks to their modularity, the devices offer a high level of flexibility to suit customers’ exact application needs. The sensor, which is based on Transbar technology with a thick film ceramic measuring cell, is also suitable for applications with aggressive media. The Baumer FlexProgrammer enables the transmitter’s easy configuration.

Modularly constructed, this pressure transmitter series offers a flexible design to suit different customer needs, ensuring that their pressure measurement applications are solved with an accurate, reliable and cost-effective product. The Transbar technology-based measuring cells are suitable for gauge as well as for absolute pressure and cover a measuring range from 0…1 bar up to 0…600 bar. The standard accuracy is at 0.7%, or optionally 0.5%, of the full scale.

The thick film technology is based on a ceramic support material for the pressure measuring cell. This material is chemically neutral and compatible with most media, including very aggressive ones. These measuring cells are also characterised by excellent long-term stability and outstanding measuring performance in terms of linearity and hysteresis.

A 4…20mA output signal or voltage output signals are available and all common electrical connections and cable types are offered. They are delivered programmed according to exact customer requirements, or they can easily be re-configured using the Baumer FlexProgrammer 9701 hand-held communicator tool. The PBSN can be delivered with different process connections made of stainless steel. Moreover, a wide range of gasket ring types (NBR, EPDM, FKM, FFKM, CR and more) are available.

The PBSN is constructed using a fully-welded stainless steel housing with a standard IP65 rating, with IP67 available, depending on the type of electrical connection. It is abrasive and chemically resistant which makes it suitable for numerous general purpose industrial applications in the sectors of pneumatic, chemical and petrochemical, energy production, HVAC and automobile industry.

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