Friday 26 February 2010

Long travel range cable-extension position sensors

Celesco's PT9000 cable extension position sensors are packed with application flexibility for real heavy-duty, high-accuracy linear measurement up to 43 metres.

Used on indoor, outdoor and wet environment applications as diverse as material handling, water & waste treatment, hydraulic cylinder positioning and crane control, the modular PT9000 series 'String Pot' sensor includes possibly the widest selection of features available on any standard cable extension position transducer today. The extensive choice of models and options covers IP67 or IP68 sealed aluminium or stainless steel housings, several industry-standard output signal options and a comprehensive selection of electrical interfacing.

The standard version has eleven measurement range options from 0 to 14 metres with an optional extended range to around 43 metres. The operating temperature spans -40°C to +90°C, and the vibration rating is 10G at 2000 Hz. Guaranteed best position accuracy is 0.1% of full stroke with repeatability to 0.02% of full stroke.

Throughout the range, the drum mounted durable plastic-hybrid precision potentiometer, with a 250,000 minimum rated cycle life, is factory configured for a choice of electrical output covering voltage divider, position/velocity output (with additional tachometer), 0/4...20 mA, and 0...10 VDC. An incremental encoder version is also available with positioning resolution from 10 to 250 pulses per inch of travel. Furthermore, CanBus and DeviceNet compatible output versions may also be supplied.

Additional options include a redundant brush system that offers extra protection for extraordinarily dirty environments and a velocity limiting system that prevents the cable from reaching damaging velocity during a free-release. Up to seven electrical connection options are available for each output version – from plastic or metal connectors to fully pressure tested waterproof cable.

To match application requirements the PT9000 series is also available in a choice of powder-painted aluminium or 303 stainless steel housings with IP67 or pressure tested IP68 rated protection from immersion in liquids. Hazardous area certification is also available and measuring cable options further nylon-coated stainless steel, stainless steel only or thermoplastic cable.

The Celesco PT9000 series typically requires just 150 mm width to install with a generous tolerance of misalignment between the cable fixing point and the housing. The design also caters for a choice of four with four cable exit options.

These are available exclusively in Britain from Variohm EuroSensor,

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