Friday 26 February 2010

Cost effective field moisture calibration

Humidity sensors and probes need regular re-calibration to ensure continued accuracy. In many cases these must be sent away to a certified calibration laboratory, which may be effective but is rarely convenient as there will be significant process downtime.

The S503 from Michell Instruments means that field calibration of RH sensors and humidity probes is affordable, practical and extremely flexible for any company that uses RH instruments.

The S503 humidity calibrator from Michell Instruments is:

Small and light: At under 2kg in weight and 24cm wide, the instrument is portable, very compact and comes with a convenient carry case.

Reliable: The company has 35 years’ experience in moisture calibration and sensing. The S503 provides exceptional thermal stability to better than 0.1°C. In combination with a Michell Chilled Mirror Hygrometer, such as the Optidew Vision, you can create a complete traceable humidity calibration system. This feature is unique to the market.

Simple to use: The S503 can be used by all staff as no specialist training or experience is necessary. The calibration chamber can calibrate up to 7 probes at once helping to save time as well as money.

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