Thursday 17 December 2015

Wireless steam trap monitor certified!

Spirax Sarco has released a new product that has successfully achieved ISA100 Wireless certification.

The STAPS ISA100 Wireless Steam Trap Monitor from Spirax Sarco has been designed for easy, non-intrusive installation with accurate wireless monitoring and reporting of steam trap performance. 
The STAPS ISA100 Wireless device eliminates the need for on-going manual inspection, extends monitoring into previously unreachable areas, and—through continuous monitoring and reporting—helps to reduce plant downtime. The Head Unit device is powered by a long-life lithium battery, which can be ‘hot-swapped’ while the product remains installed. By using ISA100 Wireless communication protocol, the STAPS device benefits from a robust, reliable, and secure wireless signal, purpose built for industrial settings. 

The timely identification of faulty or badly selected steam traps has always been a challenge for steam system users. Incorrect diagnosis can allow faulty traps to remain troublesome, reducing plant efficiency and potentially damaging valuable products or equipment.

The STAPS ISA100 device has been designed to efficiently monitor and evaluate steam trap operation quickly, diagnosing both failed-open steam traps that leak live steam, and traps that have failed-closed, or are blocked. View the certificate here.

The ISA100 Wireless certification, achieved by Spirax Sarco on 5/27/15, provides assurance that the devices will inter-operate in any ISA100 Wireless compliant network.

Simon Sprackling, Group Research and Development Manager at Spirax Sarco, said, “We seek to leverage the robust, secure ISA100 Wireless protocol to complement our existing communication tools and provide our customers with improved access to our products’ diagnostic capabilities.”

“ISA100 Wireless communication technology is a perfect fit for steam trap monitoring,” remarked Andre Ristaino, Managing Director of ISA100 WCI. “The addition of steam trap monitoring products from a leader like Spirax Sarco enhances the ISA100 Wireless product portfolio.”

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