Friday 11 December 2015

Advantages of ball guided, ball screw driven linear units.

Thomson Industries has released a new video to introduce the benefits of the WM80, ball guided, ball screw driven linear units. These linear systems are designed for high thrust, payload, precision and stiffness with force up to 12000N and repeatability to 0.005mm.

The WM series is ideal for applications where high precision and rigidity are critical, such as machine tool automation and test and measurement.

Kyle Thompson, Global Product Line Manager, Systems at Thomson, explains in the video, “The WM80, ball guided, ball screw driven unit has an internal movable ball screw support that allows for longer stroke lengths and high speeds.” The WM80 linear unit has a self-adjusting plastic cover strip designed to provide environmental protection for the internal components while reducing friction to a minimum.

Kyle demonstrates in the video that the WM linear unit utilises a patented screw support technology. The WM40 model is designed specifically for miniaturised applications with extremely small dimensions. Thomson offers stroke longer stroke lengths of up to 11 meters for all screw driven units.

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