Tuesday 15 December 2015

Applying FOUNDATION Fieldbus.

Applying FOUNDATION Fieldbus is a new book from the ISA stable that serves as a comprehensive and practical guide to the theory, engineering and implementation of FOUNDATION Fieldbus in process control systems.

The book, authored by Bharat Ratilal (B.R.) Mehta, Ph.D. and Jaganmohan (Y.J) Reddy, Ph.D., examines:
  • The theory of the operations and basic concepts of the FOUNDATION Fieldbus standards.
  • The different topologies and installation options available in FOUNDATION Fieldbus standards and their applications for enabling engineers to design control systems for solving industry problems.
  • The critical factors to consider  when using FOUNDATION Fieldbus-based host systems and field transmitters.
  • The pivotal issues in FOUNDATION Fieldbus from the perspective of an experienced practitioner at a leading company that was a major FOUNDATION Fieldbus installation.
This book is aimed at providing the knowledge that engineering and maintenance teams require in applying FOUNDATION Fieldbus,” explains Dr. Mehta, Senior Vice President at Reliance Industries Ltd., in Mumbai, India. “The technology benefits and areas for improvement are unbiased. And because the book is written from a user’s point of view, it bridges the gap between theory and technician-level coverage on a practical basis.”

Essential to the book, Dr. Mehta says, are its clear coverage of concepts and applications,  straightforward guidelines for implementing process control systems with FOUNDATION Fieldbus technology, and real-world examples of deployments that have translated theory into practice.

“The book offers a pragmatic approach to the subject, based on industrial experience and taking into account the latest technologies and professional practices,” he adds. “It’s suitable as an important introduction for junior-level professionals as well as an essential reference for more experienced practitioners.”

• For greater perspective on the value and significance of Applying FOUNDATION Fieldbus, read the Q&A feature with Dr. Mehta.

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