Thursday 17 December 2015

For oil troubling water!

Distribution deal for oil in water analyser.

Spectro Scientific has appointed Quantitech, as exclusive distributor for Britain and Ireland for a portable infrared analyser, the InfraCal 2. Based on the original highly popular InfraCal, (formerly manufactured by Wilks Enterprise who were purchased by Spectro in 2013) the latest version offers a host of new features such as multiple calibrations, lower detection limits, faster analysis, data logging and a new touch screen with security features.

Providing easy, reliable, measurements in typically less than one minute, the InfraCal 2 is a rugged analytical instrument with a very low maintenance requirement. As a result, it has become standard test equipment in applications such as produced water monitoring at offshore installations and on-board ships. It is also used for applications such as sub-ppm detection of fats, TPH or oil in water, monitoring cleaning efficiency of metal parts, measuring barrier layers in flexible films, textiles and fibre finishes, research and quality control.

The ability to produce accurate readings in the field offers users a number of important benefits including faster results, lower cost per test and avoidance of the problems associated with the preservation of samples during transport.

Quantitech’s Dominic Duggan says: “We have been providing this technology and its precedents for over 30 years, so we have a good understanding of the applications for which it is ideal and we are delighted to be reappointed as Distributor.”

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