Wednesday 23 December 2015

Digital and optical feed-through connectors.

The latest addition to Cliff Electronics’ growing range of feed-through connectors packaged in the widely used 24mm diameter XLR connector format are Digital and Optical Feed-Through connectors which are fully compatible with the industry standard Toslink, SC and LC fibre optic connection requirements.

In common with the complete range of Feed-Through connectors from Cliff these new models are mounted in a standard XLR connector housing which simplifies the design and construction of cost effective interconnection panels.

The fibre optic Feed-Though connector range from Cliff includes, LC DUPLEX SM, LC DUPLEX MM, SC SIMPLEX SM, SC SIMPLEX MM and TOSLINK types. In addition to traditional audio, broadcast and AV systems use these new fibre optic connectors are finding growing new markets in instrumentation, industrial control and data acquisition.

Two housing versions are available, plastic and a more robust metal mechanism. Both share the same features and are part of an extensive range of very cost effective audio, data, and fibre connectors. All of Cliff’s Feed-Through connectors can be both front or rear mounted into industry standard 24mm diameter XLR connector mounting holes. All types are simple to mount into any panel designed to accept XLR connectors including instrument, control panel, rack panel and wall-plates with countersunk or plain mounting holes. Mounting bezels are available in 7 colours to identify the function of the Feed-Through connectors when fitted to a control panel.

John Hall, General Manager of Cliff Electronics, comments; “We have been supplying connectors to the music and pro-audio markets since 1964 and we are very pleased to find our market leading range of cost effective Feed-Through connectors are now find new industrial markets.”

In addition to Fibre Optic connectors the Cliff Feed-Through connector range includes HDMI, USB 2.0 and 3.0, RJ45 in both Cat6 and Cat5e (shielded and unshielded), USB “gender” changers, RCA/Phono, and plain wire connectors. Further options will be introduced throughout 2016 and enquiries for custom designs are welcomed.

Cliff’s FT Series offers true feed-through connection, allowing standard cabling to be used to connect at both front and rear of control panels, eliminating the need to solder or terminate connections and simplifying and speeding up assembly.

The original plastic Cliff FT series has already found widespread use in a multitude of industrial and system integration applications for custom I/O solutions. Typically they have been utilised in broadcast, AV installations, systems integration, home theatre, automation, solar power and a very wide range of industrial applications.

The new Digital and Optical Feed-Through Connectors are available as part of Cliff’s existing die cast nickel and black metal and plastic range of XLR format Digital Feed-Through Connectors and are available direct from Cliff and via major Distributors in the UK, USA and Europe

• In 2016 Cliff Electronics will be introducing 1RU and 2RU 19” rack panels and wall-plates to further allow customised connection solutions.

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