Tuesday 1 December 2015

Explosion protection worldwide!

In an industrial plant such as a refinery or chemical process plant, handling of large quantities of flammable liquids and gases creates a risk of leaks.

In some cases the gas, ignitable vapour or dust is present all the time or for long periods. Other areas would have a dangerous concentration of flammable substances only during process upsets, equipment deterioration between maintenance periods, or during an incident. Refineries and chemical plants are then divided into areas of risk of release of gas, vapor or dust known as divisions or zones.

This process of determining the type and size of these hazardous areas is called area classification.

Wika have produced a poster to present the latest explosion protection standards globally. It is available to print as a PDF file in high resolution. It may be downloaded here!

• WIKA products are marketed in Ireland through Instrument Technology.

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