Thursday 17 December 2015

Latest DTM for HART.

The latest version of the Generic HART DTM from ICS GmbH, works with field devices, that use HART protocol rev. 5, 6 or 7. HART capable field devices that were built-in 25 years ago and have no device description or specific DTM can be handled in the same way as field devices that are to be commissioned today. This DTM recognizes not only the revision of the HART protocol but can be adapted in many ways to the properties of a field device to read a maximum of information from the device.

Release 4 of the Generic HART DTM has been published 8 years ago. Meanwhile a lot of improvements have been implemented as one can see in the below image: the user interface was designed according to the FDT Style Guide, NAMUR NE107 status is supported and a lot of configuration of the DTM has been added.

The company is proud to announce that this DTM runs under Windows 10 without problems too. So the Generic HART DTM runs on all Windows operating systems that are used today.

Last but not least as the first manufacturer we ordered a certification test using dtmINSPECTOR 3.1. 
After a successful certification test the Certificate has been issued by the Certification Office of the FDT Group today!

If you installed  Generic HART DTM before October 2015 you may download the latest version here.

Are there any further steps planned?
During the last FDT Interoperability Workshop we performed some test sessions with an FDT2 based implementation of the Generic HART DTM. And in addition we are thinking about usage of this DTM on mobile devices.

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